The Hawrylak Hello... what's new at school this week?

We still have extra yearbooks to sell for $35.00 each.

Thanks to the HLC for setting up our House Teams for each class!


Monday, October 15th Day 3

October 14th to 19th is Education Week in Sask: A World of Learning for Every Student/ Un monde d’apprentissage pour chaque élève.

-WeACT meeting at noon

-Girls A Volleyball team practice at 7:30 AM

-Boys A Volleyball home game vs. Dr. Hanna School

-Boys A Volleyball team going to Campbell Collegiate to watch the Campbell JR. Boys Volleyball game at 6PM


Tuesday, October 16th Day 4

-Big CRUNCH Day to recognize World Food Day

-Grades 6-8 Full Band at Campbell Collegiate in AM

-Grades 6-8 Choir at noon

-Mrs. Trithart & Mrs. Rogers have an outdoor ed presentation in PM

-Mrs. Roger’s outdoor ed presentation in PM-Girls B Volleyball game practice at noon and game at Glen Elm at 4 PM

-Girls A Volleyball home game vs. McVeety



Wednesday, October 17th Day 5

-Cheer practice at 7:30 AM

-Grades 7 & 8 Band Sectionals here in PM

-HLC Meeting at noon

-French Immersion Kinders to Wascana Marsh in AM

-Brass Days at U of R for Grades 7&8 Brass players 9AM to 1PM

-Boys B Volleyball practice at 3:45

-Boys A Volleyball serving practice at noon & Game at Henry Braun at 4 PM



Thursday, October 18th Day 1

-Muffins & Books (Education Week School event for K-Grade 4 from 8:00-8:45 AM with families & students)

-Cheer practice at 7:30 AM

-Grade 6 Band Sectionals here all day

-Grades 6-8 Choir at noon

-French Immersion Kinders to Wascana Marsh in AM

-Campbell Collegiate Volleyball feeder tournament for Girls and Boys A teams from (1-7PM)

-Boys B Volleyball game at Glen Elm

-FCC food bank donations pick up in PM

-12:45-2:15PM: Grades 3-8 screening of the documentary, “On the Way to School”

-HSCC Gently used, clean clothing donations can be brought in starting today to the shared learning area (until Nov. 19th)


Friday, October 19th Day 2

-HSCC Special Lunch (TCBY & Subway) Orders needed to be made by October 14th.

Next week…

-Oct. 22nd:  Mme Compain’s class on outdoor trip for part of the day; Mme Coon & Mrs. Burton’s classes on outdoor ed trip; Boys A Volleyball practice at 7:30 AM; Girls A Volleyball practice 3:45

-Oct. 23rd:  Girls B Volleyball game here vs. Jack Mac; Boys B Volleyball practice at 8:00 AM; Mrs. Trithart’s class on outdoor ed trip; Mrs. Rogers has presentation at 1 PM; Girls A volleyball home game vs. MacNeill; Girls B Volleyball game at Hunt

-October 23-November 6th:  Grade 8 PAA at CRP Rotation

-October 24th:  Mme Gouin on outdoor ed trip; Mme Potvin’s class swimming at SSLC in PM; Boys A Volleyball home game vs. Wascana Plains

-Oct. 25th:  Boys B Volleyball game at Jack MacKenzie; HSCC Halloween Howl 6:30-8:30 PM (doors open at 6PM); Girls A Volleyball game at Braun; Boys A VB practice at 7:30 AM

-Oct. 26th:  Professional Development Day for staff - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

-Oct. 29th:  Mrs. Rogers on outdoor ed trip; Girls A Volleyball practice 3:45PM

-Oct. 30thBoys B Volleyball practice at 8:00 AM; Mme Roy on outdoor ed trip; Girls B Volleyball practice at noon & game at Bryant; Boys B Volleyball game here vs. Bryant;

-Oct. 31st:  Happy Halloween! Students can wear Orange & Black Day or Costumes if they wish to do so