The Hawrylak Hello... what's new at school this week?

Monday, June 18th Day 4

-Safety Patrol Teams 3& 4

-Mrs. Burton’s class on all day outdoor ed trip

-Staff changes & class configurations letter for 2018-19 to go home today


Tuesday, June 19th, Day 5

HLC School Spirit Day:  Fantasy Day (Dress like your favourite book, comic, cartoon, movie character)

-Mme Coon & Mme Boehme’s class walking to DQ in PM

-HLC wind-up 4:00-6:30 here in the gym


Wednesday, June 20th Day 1

-Main gym will be set up from 3:00-5:00 PM for Grade 8 farewell

-CREATE artist for Ms. Anderson 1-2:30

-Mme Pringle & Mrs. Foster’s classes to the Fieldhouse

-Swimming for Grades 3-4/5 at Massey Pool in PM (weather permitting)

-Mrs. Trithart & Ms. Bishoff’s classes are swimming at SSLC from 1-3 PM

-Mme Radfelder & Mme Gaudet walking to DQ in PM

-Del Suelo (songwriter) visiting Mr. Warren’s class in AM

-Ms. Anderson, Mr. Longmoore, Ms. Perkins & Ms. Holmes to the south east leisure centre in AM


Thursday, June 21st Day 2

National Indigenous Peoples Day

-Grade 8 Farewell rehearsal all morning

-Grade 8 Farewell ceremony at 6 PM in the main gym

-Grade 8’s to the Broken Rack from 8:00-10:45 PM

-Ms. Anderson, Mme Boehme, Mme Coon, Mme Gaudet, Mrs. Foster, Mr. Longmoore, Mme Pringle & Ms. Ziegler swimming at Massey Pool from 1:00-3:00 PM (weather permitting)

-Band Information meeting at 7PM at Jack MacKenzie School for Grade 5’s and parents (note date change from June 19th)


Friday, June 22nd Day 3

-Grade 8’s Regina Beach Day

-Mrs. Foster’s class to the Legislative Building and Victoria Park 10:00-3:00

-Mme Boehme and Ms. Anderson’s classes to the Science Centre

-Mr. Longmoore’s last day as he is going on paternity leave


In the next few weeks…

June 25th:  alternate day to the Legislative building for Mrs. Fosters’ class; Mme Krassman & Mme Borys to Sunset Park; Mrs. Rogers’ class to RSM; Mme Pringle’s class to Sellinger Park and DQ; Mme Radfelder & Mme Potvin to splash pad 1-2 PM; Welcome to Ryan Bodnarchuk who will be replacing Mr. Longmoore for this week and next fall! Grades 7-8 Bike Trip; Poetry & Popcorn for Mrs. Trithart’s class at 2:30

June 26th: Mr. Markesteyn’s and Mr. Warren’s classes going to Science Centre/Imax and Wascana Pool; Mrs. Trithart & Ms. Bishoff’s class to SSLC 1-3 PM

June 27th: Swimming at SSLC at 1:20-3:00 for Roy, Gouin, Boehme, Fiege, DaCosta, Foster & Burton; Bowling for Mme Gouin & Mme Potvin 9-11:30; Bowling for Ms. DaCosta, Mr. Fiege & Mrs. Rogers 11:00-12:30; Ms. Anderson & Mr. Longmoore walking to DQ in PM; Mme Krassman & Mme Borys to Gymnastics Adventures

June 28th:  Last day of classes; 9:15 AM assembly for everyone in the main gym; 2:30 dismissal

June 29th: No school for students and support staff; Teacher Prep Day

Happy Summer!

School resumes on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 at 8:53 AM