The Hawrylak Hello... what's new at school this week?

Congratulations to our Cheer Team for winning first place at Best of the West Cheer and Dance Competition!

Happy Staff Appreciation Week!


Monday, February 11th Day 4

-WeACT BEKIND/ SOYEZ GENTIL Bingo due to the office

- Read-A-Thon record sheets to the office

-WeACT meeting at noon

-Grades 6-8 Full Band in AM at Campbell Collegiate

-Orange Kindergarten class to RCMP in AM

-Indigenous Storyteller with Mme Gouin & Mme Boehme’s classes from 1:00-2:00PM

-Indigenous Storyteller with Ms. Ziegler & Mrs. Neufeld’s classes from 2:30-3:30PM

-Boys A Basketball practice at noon

-Boys B Basketball game here vs.Wilfrid Hunt… GO HUSKIES GO!


Tuesday, February 12th Day 5   Happy 100th Day of School!

-Dental Screening for grades 1 and 7 in room 114

-Mme Boehme’s & Mrs. Neufeld’s grade 6 students curling in AM

-Read-A-Thon record sheets to the office

-Chess Club for grades 5-8 at 3:45-4:45 PM

-Choir practice at noon

-Grades 7&8 Band Sectionals here at school

-Girls A Basketball practice @7:30 AM

-Boys B Basketball team practice @ noon

-Boys A Basketball game here…Go HUSKIES GO!


Wednesday, February 13th Day 1

Wellness Wednesday Tip of the Day: February is Heart month… This month is a great opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyle habits for a healthy heart. Follow these healthy heart tips:  always practice a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep and manage your stress.

-Dental Screening for grades 1 and 7 in room 114

-Mrs. Foster’s grade 7/8 class is cross-country skiing at White Butte CANCELLED

-Mr. Bodnarchuk’s grade 7/8 class is on outdoor ed trip CANCELLED

-Guest speaker from RPL in Mme Roy’s class 9:00-10:30 AM

-Mini-Carnival for French Immersion Classes Grades 1-4 in PM

-last day for Read-A-Thon Record Sheets

-Cheer Practice at 7:30 AM

-Grade 6 Band Sectionals here all day

-HLC Meeting at noon

-Shutter Squad at 3:45 PM

-Girls A Basketball game here… GO HUSKIES GO!


Thursday, February 14th Day 2… Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Cheer practice at 7:30 AM

-Junior Achievement in Mrs. Foster’s class in AM

-Grade 6 curling at Highland Curling club from 4-5PM

-Chess Club after school for grades 5-8 at 3:45 PM

-Choir practice at noon

-Grade 6 curling at Highland Curling club from 4-5PM

-Boys B Basketball team practice at noon

-Boys A Basketball practice at 3:45 PM


Friday, February 15th Day 3… HLC Pajama Spirit Day!


-Cheer practice at 7:30 AM - CANCELLED

-Mr. Markesteyn’s class on outdoor field -CANCELLED

-Mme Roy, Ms. DaCosta, Mrs. Neufeld, Ms. Ziegler, Mrs. Burton, Mme Pringle and Mr. Fiege’s classes are swimming in PM at SSLC


The next few weeks…

Feb. 18th to 22nd NO SCHOOL for staff and students… enjoy your winter break!

-Feb. 25th:  Welcome back to school!  Mr. Markesteyn, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Anderson & Mr. Longmoore’s Grade 7 & 8 classes are skating at the Al Ritchie Arena in PM

-Feb. 26th:  Girls A Basketball practice @7:30 AM; Boys A Basketball game at Massey; Mme Boehme’s grade 6’s Mrs. Neufeld’s grade 6 students curling in AM; Mme Pringle’s grade 6 class is cross-country skiing in PM; Ayyam-i-Ha (Feb. 26-March 1 - Bahai Faith – this is a celebration devoted to charity, gift-giving and festivities prior to the annual period of fasting which starts on March 20th.  For more info.

-Feb. 27th:  Red Cross Pink Day ; Kindergarten Schedule B/orange class going to the Sask Science Centre; Girls A Basketball game at Henry Braun; 1:00-2:00 Jim Demeray from Understand Us presents to Grades 7 & 8 in the mini-gym; Read-A-Thon and Pink Day assembly for everyone in the main gym at 2:55 PM

-Feb. 28th:  Kindergarten Schedule A/blue class going to the Sask Science Centre; Grade 6 curling at Highland Curling club from 4-5PM

-March 1st:  Online Conference Manager opens at 7AM