Snack Share 2022-2023

What is Snack Share?
We are again partnering with a neighbouring community school to provide snacks for children who may not have enough to eat. Food insecurity continues to be a challenge for many families in Regina and we’d like to help! The school we are partnered with is able to provide some meals and snacks for their students. Our hope is to collect enough snacks to provide every student with a snack for each day they are at school.

Program Details:
The first Friday of each month, students in the designated grades are invited to donate snacks to our Snack Share bins, located outside the front doors as well as within the school. Bins will be available Friday morning until 9:30. If you’d like to donate more often than your designated month, it is greatly appreciated! The more snacks we receive, the more children we are able to help.

Thank you to our supportive SCC for organizing this valuable sharing program and thank you to our school families for providing snacks!

Please Click HERE for our snack share schedule